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Hello, World! Welcome to lifescrabble. A place to get inspired and motivated from within. You will find articles, motivational quotes and much more about life which will make you rethink about your purpose to serve in every day dealing with it and help you overcome your flaws in an effective way.

About the Blog


The blog is about life and its contradictions. As to inspire and give a new spark of hope to those who have lost their path and find it hard in overcoming themselves when the storm of adversaries strikes. You’ll find here Articles, poetry, motivational quotes and thoughts worth seeking that will not just make you “think” but help you live in a better way about which you never knew.

Are you having a hard time facing disappointments? Rising up after failures? or should I say, Hope to live? Why do we believe what suits us while ignoring the other half truth? Is nothing bringing you inner peace? Is negativity being drawn in? Difficult to be Self-motivated? Lost all your zest? Willingness for trying the best? Don’t worry, you have reached the right place. Those who have been broken to keep getting ahead in life will relive the way they used to or even better. I’ll make you “feel” from within such that you’ll be grateful to be here. Thank you for giving your precious time to visit the page. I’ll try my best to make it worth.

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