3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Simple yet Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

The word ‘motivation’. That is “The ‘motive’ or the reason for one’s behavior for a particular cause – either for the good or the bad.” The sweeter it sounds, the difficult it seems to cultivate. We deal our everyday life with numerous of actions, reaction to those applications of our actions, and so does we go with the flow of it as some of them break us down, shattering the peace of our inner world. While other bringing the best in us to sail ahead with the fullest zest. There are many ways to motivate yourself. Here are some 3 simple ways to motivate yourself, not only to succeed or prosper in your life but also in the heart of those around you.

  1. The Breathing Technique

    The most vital step that you need to take before knowing the ways to motivate yourself is to first leave all those negative thoughts, miseries, imaginary worries, and even if any real trouble going in your mind aside. Keep it on standby mode. You can’t afford any of them. Not even a single. You’ll learn to go from standby mode to a total extermination but first take a small step towards making it dimmer. And as you start replacing the riddle of your mind with being optimistic and hopeful for what you are best at. Take a deep breath in through the nose and while calming your mind, body, and spirit with every single breath out through the mouth. Feel the presence of liveliness in the air. Having strong faith, feel as if all the gifts of nature are scattered around you. The wisdom, positivity and the magnificently purest aura is right now entering the depths of your soul as you give it consent while you breathe in. And as you breathe out, all the negativity, impurity, and doubts are being washed away by the gifts that entered through the door of your dormant acceptance. Stay calm and stop worrying about everything. Just for a moment, for a change, and for something less ordinary yet simple, live it. Fall in an ecstasy of being at peace with your inner world. You will feel enlightened, confident, and motivated within yourself. Remember to practice it having great belief of its working and spiritual awakening from the center of your core. 

  2. The Art of Fulfillment

    Be grateful for everything you have today and the best will unfold in the coming tomorrow. Embrace every little moment of your life as if it is the last. Whether the good or the bad, respond back with a smile. There’s always a lesson hidden to the dark side of our reality. You don’t have to only look the darkness as a nightmare. Rather, for the light of opportunity that is being lit up slowly yet magnificently in its own rhythm. The worst mistake we make is craving too much for which haven’t been achieved yet, giving very little respect for what had been, and chasing things which are out of the scope of need. There’s nothing wrong in wishing more from life and dreaming big for the things you want. But, not being grateful for what you have at the present moment isn’t a good reserve of motivation. All the hardships you sailed would have definitely taught something worth the struggle. It may not have known to you at that speck of time but later you must have acknowledged that it was all for the best. The best things happen when you least expect them. For those phases of your life were needed to be crossed in order to see the beauty of the place, you are at right now. That is the art of fulfillment.

  3. The Dawn of Hope

    As you start your day. Be ready to accept the new light of the new day. Showering its blessings of a new hope, a refreshed vitality, a new start, and being full of enthusiasm be thankful to the creator for it. It might seem a very small thing to thank for rising up the next day but for those little things are the most important ones. Before starting your day, take 5 minutes to remain silent sitting in your bed and saying those sweet sounding words of gratefulness for having another chance of life to do something better and making a difference in the world. There are numerous ways to motivate yourself but the best of all is the one which you already know. No one knows you better other than you yourself and neither could anyone possibly understand you fully unless they had walked in the shoe of your life. Here’s a message I am sharing today with you all. As I do apply it in my everyday life and for its realization, make sure to feel every word as you say. Repeat after me the dawn of hope;

I am calm, serene, poised, loving ,caring, gentle, kind and full of confidence. The river of Love, harmony, and peace, flows through each and every cell of my body, every second. I am getting better, and better, and better, physically, mentally, as well spiritually. I look life through the glass of goodwill, trust, happiness, and care. Everyone that connects with me has the best interest for me as much I have for them. With the rise of a new day, a new hope for the wisdom of love is filling my soul with all the good things of nature. I am calm, serene, poised, loving ,caring, gentle, kind and full of confidence.

I hope that helps you in discovering the brightest light inside you. If you follow these SIMPLE little practice in your daily life, you won’t always feel the need to have someone beside you to encourage or motivate. It won’t be difficult for you to discover the ways to motivate yourself when you have found it all within your confined enchanted spirit.

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Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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