7 Ways to Become a Better Human Being

Becoming a better human being have been an icebreaker these days. We are so busy in our lives that we forget who we are, what we are and the purpose we need to serve. Our lives are strangled with a lot of troubles, misery, and hardships as well with a positive turn of happiness, peace, and serenity.We crave for what we don’t have, respect little for what we do, and while running in the race of getting better in the terms of riches of money, land, and other materialistic things. We forget to unlock the riches of our soul, mind, and body as a whole. Today I would reveal some ways to become a better human being.

  1. Give Love and Respect

    Answer hatred with love and so you shall get it back multiplied. Our prime purpose to serve the mankind should be of giving love and respect to others. Heal the suffers, the wounded, the broken, the victims, not of the war but of the souls hurt by the evil forces of unkindness, ignorance, criticism, and impoliteness. We are here to help, heal, and bring harmony not only to ourselves but also to those around us. If anyone treats you wrongly or tries to vibrate negativity. Reciprocate with the purest positive aura that lies within you. That may not just kill the poison in them but also bring you peace and make you ineffective of being disturbed by any outer force. The power of love is beyond the scope of our imagination.

  2. Compliment yourself

    Becoming a better human doesn’t only start from spreading the light of positive wisdom and love to ‘others’ but also from yourself. Respect yourself, compliment yourself, love yourself, and always try to be a better version of yourself but by accepting for who you are. Don’t try to run from the reality of your personality, wisdom, nature, and your thoughts. As it is said, “A man who knows to love himself, knows to love everyone else”. To give love, you need to first feel it’s presence inside you. Give yourself what you deserve and never impregnate a negative thought on your mind of that “You can’t”. Because that small mistake can bring a tremendous harm.

  3. Trust your Inner Power

    The Biggest mistake we can do is to doubt our strength. We appreciate ourselves very little than for what we deserve. Thoughts accompanied with feelings give rise to beliefs. And what we believe so shall come forth to be manifested in our lives. Trust your inner power of being capable of achieving anything for the good cause. We create what we think and feel. So, as to make something productive, we need to align our beliefs towards a positive goal. Your inner power lies within the pain you feel. As the pain needs to be felt. All those past experiences have taught you to become stronger and the pain acted as an ointment to the process of becoming stronger.

  4. Help others without Expectations

    You might have heard a lot of people telling you ways to become a better human being and some of them would have also shown a hypocrisy in it. Here’s the point, help others without any expectations and keep doing the best you could to save them in the aspect of psychology and spiritual being. If you really think of being a kind soul with a gentle heart, you don’t need to think twice before helping someone. Then whether the favor is as small as picking a pencil from the floor or as big as climbing an Everest. As for you may know that the best things happen when you least expect them. Therefore whatever goodwill you will do for someone today will come forth in play back towards you some other day as a gift from god.

  5. Think as Good for others as you do for yourself

    As I have already told you how our beliefs participate in the play of our lives. Think as good for others as you do for yourself. You wish success, wealth, harmony, peace and love for your betterment and to maintain sustainability in your life. But, as to achieve it you must first learn to seek it for others too. We are too small in this universe and everything that exists is either energy or soul. Rest is nothing as a whole. And whatever vibrations we send to others, so do we get back synchronized. Beyond belief system of our mind, there’s nothing more blissful or curseful in this universe.  And so does your journey of discovering yourself and ways to become a better human being takes a vital step ahead.

  6. Honesty is the Best Policy

    We all know that honesty is the best policy and truth is always bitter. But comforting someone with a lie is more painful than hurting them with the truth. Be honest with yourself and those around you. A lie is like a virus, it needs more lies to keep itself nourished. A lie once said, gives rise to another lie and so it goes on unless someone breaks the ice. To discover ways to become a better human being, you need, to be honest to your soul, thoughts, and flaws. Our weakness doesn’t lie in our flaws rather in hiding them and marking it as a positive quality of our being to reflect ourselves good in the eyes of the world.

  7. The Domain of Wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing

    You might have gone through that stage where you think as if you know everything but no sooner you grow than you realize how stupid you thought of being the wisest. Learning never ends and our knowledge keeps on getting multiplied as we learn. The domain of wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing and are still learning with every little step you take. Our strangest fear is ‘fear of being clueless’. Now that arises when you stop putting efforts in pushing your limits and being afraid of ‘change’.

Key Points to Remember

  • Look everyone through the glass of love, peace, and happiness.
  • Appreciate even small things as everyone wants to be appreciated.
  • Remind yourself as you were a child, free from ego, hate, or pride.
  • Your goal is to spread love, healing, and goodwill to everyone.
  • No one is rich or poor unless their intentions are.
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Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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