Keep going

Keep going

Learning never ends

You learn every day, you grow every day and be better than you have been ever before. Life will make you face with a number of wide possible scenarios, some will be in your favor while other won’t. Either you can accept it or start to make it happen the way you desire.

You always have a choice

There’s always a choice and it’s up to you whether to figure it out or to not be cared about, as to be in your comfort zone. There will be many ups and downs in life following a wave pattern which may never get constant. It’s upon you whether to ride on that wave or be afraid of stepping on it, getting nowhere. It’s never about being perfect but about trying one’s best such that your imperfections become perfectly beautiful overshadowing your weaknesses.

Dealing with it

We often do mistakes and regret our decisions which had led to an unfavorable situation. It’s not about, keep on reminding it and let it hinder your growth but to have serenity with oneself and to be hopeful for the outcomes to unfold in one’s favor. Else it will lead in making you stick to it and not moving on to get ahead.

It is often seen that no sooner you face downfall in your life than you lose hope. No sooner you get disappointment than you fall in despair. No sooner you get in your comfort zone than you have self-doubts. You have to keep on trying until you have the zest to achieve it and willingness to stand boldly in all circumstances.

Be Positive

It won’t take you long; to give up, to be pessimistic, and to create a problem which wasn’t there in the first place. But it takes a lot ; to keep going even when you get the least of what you deserve, to be optimistic even when everything seems to be torn apart, and not to give access to the troubles of your life to control you.

Nothing is fixed and neither do is permanent. All that you have achieved and have right now may not be tomorrow. You have to keep going and implementing as to exceed your limits to reach a new arena of your own triumph. So be grateful for all you have got and appreciate every small thing in life. As you sow, so shall you reap. The same way more you understand of bringing your thoughts into actions for the well-being of yourself and those around you, the more wisdom you have to keep getting ahead in the journey of your life.

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Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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