Keeping negativity out of your life


Keeping negativity out of your life

What is negativity?

Negativity, the term itself brings a weird sensation of crashing one’s peace of mind. Keeping negativity out of your life could have been out of the league but you can. Negativity can be related to as having bad vibes, an incoming suggestion from within or an outsource lowering your confidence, willingness and much more than the worse to ruin you every second without your awareness. It is an expression of criticism that can be brought about by yourself or those around you.

Cause of negativity

There can be many reasons for the arousal of negative feeling or thoughts. The cause of negativity in our lives is very unpredictable yet traceable. With our every day dealing with numerous of things, we face a wide number of possibilities as well disappointments. Sometimes it becomes hard to think clearly as well do out best for no known reason. At times we are aware of them if we had introspected but most of the time it causes is deeply hidden in our sub-conscience which is beyond our reach unless we are willing to find it.

Outer World

Negativity has much greater influence from those around you than from your thoughts. The power of suggestion is unremarkable of which we have a very petite idea. People’s views, opinions, beliefs and suggestion they pass to us has a tremendous effect on our everyday life, most importantly when they are in persona.

At different phases of our life, we deal with various people with different tastes, choices, perspective or personality and experiences. And there’s something to learn from each and every individual that we come across but sometimes no matter how much humble you are to them, they still would be good for nothing and will bring nothing other than making you feel negative and full of pessimism leading to a mood swing as well change of your thought patterns.

We meet many people in our lives; some are there with us to support while other to criticize and hinder our growth. 

Inner World

The inner world I here, refer to your inner self. Influence of our thoughts can have a miraculous as well devastating effect in our lives. Whatever you think comes to action in such pattern which you can never master unless you know how to feed your thoughts.

You must have been in a perplexed mindset when you have no idea of why you are not able to focus or think clearly and a blurriness as well long response time is taken while a decision is to be made. That happens when you are at a loss about doubting your capabilities, self-confidence, and self-belief. Which is caused because of our negative thoughts that are being manifested and that process makes us bring everything to a halt due to it’s higher priority set by us.

When the Negativity Knocks

In our everyday life we are so much puzzled in our responsibilities; work, household, deadlines, health, earning and much more, that we forget to live. In our day of dealing with all the things there comes a time when it’s not easy to concentrate or to be optimistic about what you are doing or if you are putting your effort to be grateful for.

That arises when the negativity peeks in through the door you left open for it while accepting your false suggestions or of those who hate you; those who has nothing else other than sprinkling off their criticism and negativity as they can’t overcome their failures and sees a reflection of that being conquered by you. But;

Should you accept it?

Let it win over the positive you?

Disrupt your inner-peace?

You might have often dealt at times when no matter how hard you try or make efforts in telling yourself that you are doing good in life but still your head won’t accept it. The reason is that you have agreed with that expression or a suggestion given by someone or by yourself so intensely that it had strangled your willpower to make you stand again at your best. It would keep on repeating the pessimistic impact and won’t stop unless something compels it to come to a halt which is stronger than that negative belief. But;

How that temporary vibe brings such a permanent effect in our lives?

Why do we fall easily when it strikes?

Dealing and Overcoming Negativity

All our experiences that have been made and are in the process of being occurred plays a vital role in bringing the turn in a right or wrong way in our lives. Our experiences teach us and the more we realize them, the more we grow. Some are embraced while some left behind. But there’s something to learn from every one of them.

From your inner self

Whenever you get that worst feeling of not being at your balance. That jumping of thoughts as quick as a crazy ball, inevitable and unstoppable. Let it flow, let it wander as much as it wants to. Remove the barriers of your mind and set it free to think whatever it wants to. But, after it had played its game of ruining you, it’s your turn to feed the right one.

Structure that scrambled thoughts facing the facts as well contradictions. Know the cause as for why you are feeling that way and what had made you harm yourself. No doubt, sometimes it’s not possible to know the reason and there’s a reason for that too. Either you are not working hard to know it or that had come from outside.Evaluate

  • Try to be optimistic in whatever you do.
  • Be Grateful for all you have.
  • Change what you can.
  • And never settle for that which makes you lower your standards in respecting yourself.

Life is too short to worry and to stay at one place. You can’t always think positive and neither do control yourself fully. It’s just our perception of being in control while the truth is far beyond the unseen.

From those around you

There will be many who won’t like the way you do things as it won’t suit them. They won’t be happy with your success and rather than helping you rise again in the storms of your life, they’ll dig you more deep such that it becomes more difficult for you to be better again. People would bring a lot of complaints and negative aspects of their lives as well criticize over your flaws as not to let you achieve your goals if they weren’t able to do so for themselves. JUST SAY NOBut;

It’s up to you whether to let their pessimistic approach and criticisms sprinkles let you bring down or punch them back being optimistic even at your worst. Let them have hatred for your achievements, do false talks behind your back. Because that’s where they deserve to be; behind you. People may never appreciate at your best and some may even be cruel to you even when you are kindest to them. Such may never rise, and it’s not because of their experiences or hardships of life but the approach in dealing with it.

Who doesn’t faces adversaries? 

Who doesn’t get disappointed despite all hard work?

Almost everyone does, whether that be in a job, studies, learning, and even for earning as to survive. If the people around you rather than adding any positive aspect to your life bring you down mentally as well physically, it’s time to move on. To simply remove them from the equation of your life as to make it less complex and easy to be solved.

 Negativity isn’t a compulsion. It’s our choice, whether to accept it by letting it knock out our strong and firm self or fight with it such that it never dare to face us again.

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