The riddle of mind

It’s a riddle of mind, it’s a riddle of mind.

One day you will feel optimistic, confident, and full of enthusiasm; and the other pessimistic, doubtful and downfall of hope being lost.

Life will bring twist and turns like a rattling of a snake being poison sunk.

The more you approach it carrying a negative riddle of mind, than you get bitten in a swift motion of hike.

As for the mind will perceive what you feed, recepting your thoughts given through conscience being manifested in sub-conscience exceptionally unquestionable indeed.

You’ll feel lost, scrambled and broken from within but those damaged tissues when repaired, grows up being the strongest.

You’ll feel bewildered and the logicalness would seem beyond understanding life going milder.

The more you question it, the worse it gets.

The higher you rise, the faster you deplete while falling back at an intense speed.

But, never stop until you get responded in a satisfactory tone of your soul being freed from all virtual evilness being eliminated from the source of your abyss dark truth bleak.

You can synchronize with every turning moment of your life if you try hard enough to seek it.

The clumsiness of your thoughts won’t remain unsolved if let go any efforts of thinking it twice.

As for only you can fight the evil inside you, spreading the light of love , harmony and peace brighter, sprinkling it on the demons of your mind.

Embrace what you feel, let go what makes you weak.

As for you can make the impossible the possible, if you step beyond your limits being bold and confident, penetrating the thoughts of doubting yourself.

See the new sunshine inside you.
The positive, loving, caring, calm, powerful and serene you.

Keeping the flaws in mind, overshadowing it showering the beauty of your strengths with all efforts in sight.

It’s a riddle of mind, It’s a riddle of mind. 

Copyright © Shaurya Sharma |2016



Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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