The best is yet to come

The best is yet to come

The best is yet to come and the worst won’t get enough. The more you feed either of the two, the more power you give it to make you be the shining moon in the clear sky or hidden at dusk behind the clumsy clouds passing by.

Do what you love

You work hard and reach heights at the most desirable time if you implement in the most effective manner known to you. Yes, you may not always have the required knowledge to succeed in all your endeavors and neither do there will be anyone to guide you at the very time of growing and knowing yourself better.

But; If you keep on looking for what you truly want to learn or achieve then, there’s no force in the whole universe that can stop you. The more you put efforts into what you do, the closer you get to achieve your goals. Do what you love, it won’t just make your journey of life easy but also let you do your best with no regrets.

Never stop

Everyone live a life of what they never thought to happen. And whatever you desire at the apparent time while working hard for it may not always be there. Some things no matter how hard you get on yourself or participate in the play of life, you still won’t get it and neither would you grab enough in return. Now that’s not something of which you should start worrying about or doubting yourself. It’s just not the right time to happen and that doesn’t mean to stop doing it.Never stop

As the universe is ongoing in making changes, affecting us indirectly while our acts are reflected back to it bringing up a living to our lives.

Never look into the past

Everyone has a different story. And we can never judge someone unless we have had a walk with them and been there in their journey of life. No one might have ever had a life without problems, hardships, failures, disappointments and a bad past been made. If someone does, they haven’t lived then. Nothing is perfect, not even our planet earth.

But, isn’t it imperfectly beautiful?

We all have past memories of our lives. Some are worth remembering and to be grateful for while others are those which has left a deep scar within our soul. Some leave a delightful expression while other a lesson for life.


Should we look back?

Be afraid?

And hinder ourselves in getting ahead?

Ask yourself. No doubt, It’s so tempting not to look back to our past. But if you keep sticking to it, you’ll miss all those things which you have at the current speck of time. If you’ll keep on reading a particular page of a book then,

How would you start a new chapter?

A beginning to something new that you have never seen?

Therefore in order to do that, you have to turn the page of your life to discover the unseen.

Stare at it

No one said it would be easy to let it go. But sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go and the more you keep on holding the rope of your past, the more you get hurt. It would leave its mark which will make your present hurt more. Stare at your past as to not repeat it but never look into it. Just stare it at times when you feel the urge to, and with everyday passing try to live in the present getting better for yourself and those around you.

The best is yet to come and the time may come. Hold on! Hold on! And let go what you can’t control. The best is yet to come.

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Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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  1. love your expression, they are genuine, real and wise, keep expressing yourself 😀

  2. Very well written and explained. Great job! And thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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