Understanding Life

What is life?

A definition for understanding life is something controversial, in general, it can be related to as the ability to grow, change, living or condition that distinguishes the organism from inorganic objects.

How do we relate to living?

Everyone in today’s world is so busy and running in a race of getting successful to earn a living, which is genuinely right as in order to have a sustainable life, you have to work hard. However, on the contrary;

Is it the right path to go?

Is it good to always go with the crowd?

To just feel some strength and making your sub conscience satisfied, do what others are doing?

Following them blindly, even if they are wrong?

No doubt, being in a crowd gives you strength but not an identity. It’s easy to stand in a group of people but takes a lot to stand alone. We have been in so much hustle and bustle of getting ahead that we forget our people, who matter us the most. No one thinks of learning something but just to do what others are doing, complete your studies, graduate with a degree then get a job and marry.

Does anyone think beyond the society mindset?

Having an individuality doesn’t mean you are weird but that you dare to actually think even if all the forces are against you.

Today’s Mindset

Society Bread Crumbs

As far I have told you how we tend to follow the society and stop to think about what we actually want. This problem is not something for which only society is to be blamed but it’s within you. It’s up to you whether you keep on blaming the system or start making a change. If you want to make a change it starts from yourself. The problem with our mindset is that we don’t usually go beyond something that disrupts our comfort zone or somehow make us look different than others.

Are you living a lie?

We are most of the time living in a delusion of being present in reality while the truth is that what we see isn’t always what it actually is. Our perception of things is all a matter of what it seems to be or is viewed to us than knowing about it in depth. There might have been situations with you when you are in a rage of anger with someone and are not willing to listen about their compulsion for their act. It’s necessary to view the situation from others perspective as to see it differently and vividly, thus making you know more about it unlocking your subjective mind grow in a better way.

What could be done?

Seek it from within

To live happily, we first need to have a healthy mindset than seeking it from outside. Our worst problem is our Self-Doubts, we tend to make ourselves feel so little while we are capable of doing something outstanding. Our approach towards life has been full of pessimism that instead of being grateful for the good things, we tend to shower light on the bad ones. Instead of thinking about positive outcomes of our decisions, we tend to resist in overcoming our sub conscience set of obstructed barriers to make the choice.

Know your worth

Than appreciating and nurturing those who adore us, we rather crave it from those who took us for granted and doesn’t value our presence in their lives. Instead of trying it out first, we rather assume it that we can’t as it might seem us challenging. That is what needed to be fixed. Yes, it might be hard to be implemented, but;

Is it worth carrying all that which brings you down as human and has a drastic effect on your life?

Dying isn’t always physical, You are dead from inside; if you stop implementing in your life, if you follow the same routine and are at a place where you don’t deserve to be and are not valued, if you stop growing at mental level; as for, mind is everything, it’s as if the universe is confined in a skull. Whatever you think, you do, has a miraculous effect in shaping your life.

No sooner I stop writing than I am killing myself from within the core. Covered with self-doubts as if what am I doing today, to be grateful for? And when you are doing your best at something, this arousal of self-doubt strikes in the outer firewall of your mind. It’s as if you have a strong security which is being tilted slowly and then suddenly resets like an opposing force of a spring, letting the negativity neither come in nor stay out. That very sensation of being perplexed, overcoming it by doing something worth while. Introspect, be sure about what you truly want.

Question arises;

How to Overcome?

So far we have talked about how we relate to our living and what we have been doing and should do to make it work. First let me tell you, that there is no magical formula to our miseries and happy living. It all starts from within an individual and ends the same way. We always want to get rich, famous, powerful or wealthy in any manner, but;

Do we actually think if it’s worthy of running after success or being capable enough that success comes itself?

There lies a difference between the two approaches, for success is never fixed. So if you learn something while craving to reach heights in your life, that will be for the lifetime. Else anyone can Program or train their mind to prepare for a particular thing regardless of having an understanding of it. If you want to overcome your problems, you first need to overcome yourself. You need to believe in yourself.

How to be yourself?

As to believe in yourself means, you are half-way there and to make that happen you have to be real you. Always remember people will; hate you, break you or shake you as they see a reflection of themselves in you which they can’t be. They won’t like you; the way you look, the way you talk, the things you say, the way you dress, the things you believe in, the way you live your life.

It’s up to you whether you want them to ruin your day or to stand up for yourself, and accept yourself the way you are than fixing it up for someone who doesn’t even matter in the first place. They won’t be with you in your struggle neither they do deserve to be in your success. What truly matter is to stay strong and never ever lie to yourself.

How to make most out of everything and be happy?

Believe in yourself

To make the best out of everything, you first need to believe that you can. If it would have been easy, everyone would have done it. Never be afraid of failing as failure is that mist through which we glimpse triumph, thereby in order to win you must fail. In order to learn, you must dare to try and fall. That’s what makes you better than you have been ever before. If you are true to yourself, you will be happy.

Everything happens for a reason

Appreciate every little thing in life, for they are the most important. Be grateful for all you have and Accept every turn and twist of life as the decision of nature. Yes, everything happens for a reason, nothing happens itself. Either things are made to happen or come to a cause due to a way long planning of almighty about which we had no idea but it was being structured for our best. Happiness is very precious and something priceless which you get from your inner-soul. If being happy is so very personal thing then,

How can we expect it from outside?

From something which is not part of ours?

Therefore, it’s all within you.

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Shaurya Sharma

Love to inspire through writing poetry, quotes, and articles about life. As to make people feel from within such that it gives a new hope and zest to live to the fullest. A motivational blogger, writer and a fitness freak finding answers as why what we think is right and learning about the contradictions of beliefs. Making life worth living by exceeding the inevitable constructed mindset every time a thought worth seeking goes through.

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